Planning & Design Development

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Quality Machining & Automation Inc. assists your company/organization at every stage of the manufacturing process: from start to finish. Our knowledgeable and highly-skilled team of engineers are here to help you determine the best and most cost-effective machining method for your needs, as well as select quality raw materials in order to assure long-term durability.

Whether your project is from a CAD/CAM file, drawing, conceptual idea or the reverse engineering of an existing part, we can bring your project to life. In order to develop a tool path for accurate machining, we provide our customers with CAD part drawings and accept CAD files via email or a USB/flash/hard-drive.

 Multi-platform Machining Facility


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Our large multi-platform machining facility produces machined components for a wide variety of manufacturing industries, with applications such as Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Mining, Aeronautics and Medical Equipment.

We utilize full 5-Axis, CNC Vertical and CNC Lathes, CNC Turning, hot stamping, as well as several manual machining centers. At QMA, we specialize in everything from precision-cut machined parts, dies, jigs fixture, plastic and die casting moulds machining. Whether the projects in question are prototypes or short runs,  we offer 24-hour service on all parts and components we produce.

Our Tools:

* State-of-the-art DMG Monoblock 85, Five-Axis CNC Machining Centre

* KAFO Vertical CNC Machining Centre with 64 X 34 Travel

* MITSUISEIKI with FANUC Control, Vertical Machining Centre with 30 X 18 Travel

* OKK With FORTH Axis Rotary, Vertical Table Machining Centre with 62.5 X 32.5

* HAAS CNC Lathe SL20

* Radial Drill